Friday, January 9, 2009

Welcome 2009!


Ahh..aku seperti mati hidup kembali..sume org tanye ape jadi ngan blog ko? Aku busy la..dulu bole la update hari2..sebab asyik dok kat opis je..pastu bile tengok blog aku dah lame tak update aku jadi lesu..jari jemari x larat nak menaip..tau2 je jari aku tetekan button "delete"..but now it's already new resolution is to make no new year resolution anymore wakakaka...ahhh ....i got a good feeling about this year..Liverpool is on top of the EPL table (should be BPL but what the hack..EPL is way sound cooler...English Premier League duh..) and looking forward to be the new EPL champion (at last)..My Pak Ngah (who is also a die hard Liverpool fan) said he might be going to Liverpool on May to see their last game..he invited me to join but the cost is..err gonna check my bank balance first..uhuhu..gonna graduate this year (IsyaAllah..10 tahun aku buang masa nak amik skroll pekejadah ni) but the most important thing is to make my mom and dad proud..finally...i can RIP (alive duh)..

Ahh nikmat..

Haha it's kinda funny coz i'm already started to look for a job..kinda excited actually..coz my friend Hafiz had just confirmed to be a primary school a teaher? naaahhh..i'm better not involve in anything that has to do with teaching..i'm a terrible teacher..ajar main gitar boleh la..haha hmm i might be looking for a job in MNC around cyberjaya..garment servant is an option but..application through SPA is kinda hectic actually unless u have what people call "orang dalam"..i'll try it anyway..sooo first thing come first..must finish this final damn freaking semester..then graduate..get a money..if possible travel to a house (i dream of having a smart home..kalau mampu la).. then get married..honeymoon in Europe..then just live happily ever after..oh ya and then pegi haji (the ultimate goal)..haha..

Eh? i talking about my new resolution here??? hmmm..figures..

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